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T-Sat members discuss payload interfaces during the 24hr Design Challenge
Magellan Bristol Advisor, David Weber (left) discusses the thermistor circuits with T-Sat member Johnson Vilayvanh during the 24hr Design Challenge

From Friday, May 11, 2012 at 6pm until Saturday, May 12, 2012 at 6pm, UMSATS hosted a 24hr Design Challenge to facilitate interactions between teams and baseline key design decisions for implementation. More than 20 students participated in the exercise throughout the 24hr and were assisted by a few advisors that shared their experienced and expertise with the team.

During the challenge, each team worked on a list of deliverables (i.e., schematics and CAD drawings) needed to advance to the next stage of the project. In addition, there were many conversations throughout the day to address key design decisions affecting multiple subsystems. Overall, the event was very successful at identifying gaps in the design, defining plans of action to address issues, and finalizing many elements to begin implementation.

Special thanks to Rob Barwell, Software Consultant, for assisting with the high level project management and to David Weber and Courtney Skene-Hamilton, from Magellan Bristol Aerospace, for answering questions on numerous topics throughout the process.

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