Start by Getting to Know Our Two Teams!

If you didn’t already know, under the general umbrella of UMSATS, new members can choose between either the CubeSat team, or the Rocketry team. Both teams function in generally the same way, with similar experience in work processes and industry skills.

However, the two teams are not identical, and chances are that as a new member you will have more interest in one team over the other one. As such, we suggest reading up on our team specific pages to learn more about the intricacies of both the CubeSat and Rocketry teams!

First Contact

Having read up more on our teams, you may have even more questions than before. We are more than happy to answer any and all questions if this is the case, and there are several options to get those questions to someone who can help you.

Similarly to most other teams and organizations, UMSATS has moved nearly all operations online as a result of the current global pandemic. As such, our lounge is currently closed, and all of our meetings are held online. All of our regular team business is continuing though, and were excited to continue working with new members as the school year begins!

The fastest way is to continue to our contact page, where any and all questions/comments can be placed. We monitor our email very closely, and so answers will be had within a couple of days. If the questions are more subsystem specific, put your question in the contact page and we will direct it to the right person.


Let Us Know Where You Stand

After figuring out which teams and subsystems you’d be most interested in, please fill out our 2021-2022 Info form so we have a general idea of what you are interested in, as well as some general info that we will need eventually. In addition to the info form, once you have a better idea of where you’d like to be, we are asking people this year to fill out an application form. This will let us know a little more about your skills, and what sort of experience you are hoping to get out of joining UMSATS!

We will read through these applications with the executive and the subsystem leads to work out the best team organization, and get back to you as soon as we can to continue the onboarding process.

Ready for Liftoff

Finally, you are ready to launch your UMSATS experience! We’ll ask first for the membership fees, which help us cover some general costs that we incur over the year, and then we will get you access to email updates and the google drive for all previous and current projects the team is working on. The link will be provided over email, and after a few short questions, you will have a custom email account, which will immediately gain access to the teams documents. In addition, through both the email and Slack, you will be able to connect with team members, getting to know the team, as well as meeting times. Now you are ready to work alongside like minded people to develop your practical engineering skills and innovate technology in space.